At Joyitas we want your pieces to be properly preserved and cared so that they are always ready to use in the best conditions. If you take good care of your pieces these will last forever, so we recommend that you follow the next conservation tips:


Always bright - What I shouldn't do

All our products have an adequate treatment for their conservation and durability, but certain factors can alter your piece. Long exposures to the sun, water or certain chemical products can deteriorate it, therefore we recommend that you avoid contact with them. Another important factor to take into account is the PH of the skin of each individual, there are people who have a very acid ph that can darken the piece before time so we advise not to use them while you do physical activity and sweat can remove the original brightness.

Even exposure to perfume containing alcohol can deteriorate your piece. Always keep these tips in mind when wearing your jewelry.


So, how do I clean my pieces? - Cleaning and maintenance

For the 925 sterling silver pieces it is very simple. Place some soap, preferably white, in a small bowl with warm water and mix. Moisten a soft toothbrush in the mixture and gently clean your piece. Then repeat the process with clean water. This process must be done very carefully, because if you rub too much the piece can suffer wear in the bathroom.

To finish, use a silver cleaning cloth to restore the shine to your piece and make it shine like the first day.

In the case of gold-plated pieces, you have to be more careful because they are more delicate. Use a special suede for gold-plated silver and rub very gently, without much force, to recover the brightness.

The cleaning of your piece will work as long as it has not been hit or cracked, as the bath in these cases causes it to lose its bath quality, both in gold and silver pieces.


Where do I keep my jewelry? - The Importance of Grandma's Jewelry Box

We always wonder where to keep our valuable pieces and often we do not give them the importance they deserve. A good preservation will make our jewelry last and stay as the first day. A quilted jewelry box, yes, like the one our grandmothers wore, is the most advisable. If you don't have one you can store each piece separately in small polyethylene plastic bags with hermetic closure, those where we usually store food, but always remember to keep one piece per bag so they don't come into contact with each other.

Under no circumstances should you store your jewellery in rubber containers, as these will speed up the tarnishing of your pieces and possibly end up turning black. Also avoid storing them in areas where there is a lot of temperature or in the bathroom, where the persistent humidity will damage the useful life of the piece.

All our pieces are made of 925 silver and silver plated in 18 carat gold, pink gold or rhodium with a thickness of 1 micron.