Who are we?

At Joyitas we believe that every woman is unique. We are all unique. We shine, like each piece that comes with us every day to show us independent and free.

You are our inspiration. That's why we aim for an authentic, whimsical, bohemian and casual style. Our models are simple and minimalist, with the right elegance and sophistication so that you can use them on a daily basis, during your working day, an afternoon at the beach or on a special occasion.

In Joyitas we believe that quality does not differ from price. We know that from experience, a well-preserved jewel is for life, we believe that a piece of quality should not be expensive to represent our whims and desires.

Our work focuses on detail. That point that makes you unique, and yet versatile and dynamic, where we show ourselves as we are: whimsical but with a sense of freedom that makes us brave women. A touch of distinction so that you always look unique. Because you are a little Jewel.

We are moved by curiosity and passion for design and good taste.

Inspired by our customers and looking for new challenges we decided to open this online space to reach each of them. Thanks to all of them.